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Calf Pen 

Orange Av - Peg Taylor

Orchard Hills - Samantha Testa

Live Oaks - Live Oaks

JFK - Teresa Fedor

Mathewson - Patricia Taddei

ESMS - Heather Forlenzo

Harborside - Maria Bradley

West Shore - Ellen Connors


Meadowside  - Lisa Giorgio

Foran  - Jody Bourque

Academy/Parsons - Caroline Ferri

Jonathan Law - Ted Boynton


September 14, 2023

Milford Federation of Paraprofessionals

Union Meeting Minutes


Parsons Government Building

Opened Meeting 4:05 pm

Board members reports

PRESIDENT TEDDY - Welcomed everyone 

TREASURER: Collean  - Savings 20,012.25  Checking 4008.02

Dues will decrease by .37 cents effective immediately

Budget submitted as well as our audit forms

Treasurer's report accepted by Deb Gulyas 2nd Maria Bradley

VICE PRESIDENT - Mary Looking for building reps at Pumpkin Delight and Calf Pen.

14 Paras added this year